Primary Care Patient Experience Survey

What are your patients thinking? Are their needs being met? What could physicians and their team do differently?

Our Primary Care Patient Experience survey was developed with patients, specifically for Alberta’s primary care physicians and their teams.

Family physicians receive feedback that is:

  • standardized
  • actionable
  • reliable

The survey results can be used to improve the quality of primary healthcare in Alberta.

Sign-up to start your next quality improvement initiative

Family physicians, clinics or PCNs can sign-up with the HQCA so that their patients can participate in the survey. The survey takes about 10-15 minutes for patients to complete.
Patients want to share their opinions, especially when they know it will help benefit the care they and others receive.

Survey by email

All surveys are distributed to patients by email and require little effort from medical office administrators and staff. Email was determined as the best way to collect this information from patients.

Confidential and anonymous

Survey results are confidential to the family physician and are provided directly to them in a report containing information about the experiences of the patients who visited them. PCN and clinic reports contain aggregate information and do not contain information specific to a physician. It is not possible to identify patients, other clinics, or providers in any of the reports.

About the survey content

The survey covers four major dimensions that impact a patient’s overall experience and can be used for quality improvement at the physician, clinic, and PCN level:

  1. Access
  2. Communication
  3. Healthcare team
  4. Care management plans

The survey report includes:

  • Visit-specific provider ratings
  • Overall care ratings
  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Patient characteristics

The information is presented in a way that allows you to compare your information to your peers. View a sample report here.

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