The impact on unpaid informal caregivers

Posted Dec 2, 2019

The Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) today released: The Impact on Unpaid Informal Caregivers Who Support Their Loved Ones Aging in Place.

This report takes a look at the role of and toll on unpaid informal caregivers involving interviews with a cross-section of Albertans who provide care to cognitively unwell seniors. Our purpose was to learn what is working well and what can be done to better meet the needs of Alberta’s 400,000 unpaid caregivers for seniors.

Our findings suggest some informal caregivers are at risk to experience burnout, distress, and social isolation. As a result, they may transition from providing care to needing care if they aren’t adequately supported.

If we address caregivers’ needs, we will not only avoid considerable health system expenses in the future – as much as $3 billion every year in Alberta – but, more importantly, we will help seniors remain safely where they want to be, in their homes, with their loved ones.

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