Sample report

The HQCA provides Primary Healthcare Panel Reports upon request to family physicians across the province.

If you’d like to sample the report before you request one, there are two ways to start:

  1. Download a sample pdf copy of the 2019 Physician Proxy Report
  2. Request a sample for the digital report – access to the digital sample gives you an opportunity to see the report in action. The sample is a fictitious sample of data, and shows the results for each measure with unidentified PHNs.

This free resource is an invaluable tool to support and inform program planning, panel management, quality improvement, and policy development at the various levels of the primary healthcare system.

The Primary Healthcare Panel Reports are standardized and use administrative health data to provide information about a physician’s patient panel. The reports contain over 24 measures from 12 different administrative data sources, separate from the EMR (Electronic Medical Record). The measures are created from administrative data received from Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services.

Understanding the value of the report is best seen by viewing it.

If you have specific questions, email: or contact us at 1.855.508.8162.