Which report should I request?

Since 2011, the HQCA has been providing Primary Healthcare Panel Reports upon request to family physicians across the province. This free resource is an invaluable tool to support and inform program planning, panel management, quality improvement, and policy development at the various levels of the primary healthcare system.

Learn how to navigate the process to request your Primary Healthcare Panel Report. Download this handy guide to answer your questions.

Different reports

  • Physician Proxy Panel Report: Based on an estimated physician patient panel created using the HQCA panel selection algorithm.  A proxy panel will be a good estimate for physicians who have practiced in a stable, traditional primary care practice for at least three years, because the proxy algorithm uses three years of administrative health data to assign patients to physicians, and for physicians who saw few patients that belong to other family physicians (e.g., in an after-hours or walk-in clinic). Request this option if you cannot provide a confirmed patient list (i.e., list of patients who agree you are their main family physician).
  • Confirmed Patient List Report (CPL): Based on the physician’s confirmed patient list (CPL). Request this report if you have confirmed the list of patients who agree you are their main family physician. A CPL will be more accurate for physicians who share patients, work in more than one clinic, work in a non-traditional primary care setting (primarily in the Emergency Department), or are new to practice. The physician must complete an information sharing agreement (ISA) and send to the HQCA a list of PHNs of patients on their CPL. Once we receive the completed ISA and PHN list, the report will be emailed to the physician within two weeks.
  • Clinic Report (proxy or confirmed): A minimum of two physicians are requested to produce this report, because it is an aggregate of results. The clinic will receive an aggregate report and each individual participating physician will receive their own report, with the ability to compare the results of their clinic and their PCN.

Primary Healthcare Panel reports are confidential and are provided only to the requesting physician. Primary Care Networks, clinics and zones can only receive physician panel reports if the physician provides written permission for the report to be shared.

With the physician’s approval, the HQCA can give a delegate access to the report.

If you have specific questions, email: primaryhealthcarereports@hqca.ca or contact us at 1.855.508.8162.