Primary Healthcare Panel Reports

Since 2011, the HQCA has been providing Primary Healthcare Panel Reports upon request to family physicians across the province. This free resource is an invaluable tool to support and inform program planning, panel management, quality improvement, and policy development at the various levels of the primary healthcare system.

New! Please see: Changes coming to Panel Reports beginning Nov.15 – HQCA

CII-CPAR Physicians & Clinics

The HQCA has partnered with CII-CPAR. If you are participating in CII-CPAR, and interested in receiving a Confirmed Patient List (CPL) report, you do not need to submit your panel list to the HQCA. Simply request your CPL report from the HQCA annually. Your CII-CPAR list can be used to generate your CPL report.

If you have specific questions, email: or contact us at 1.855.508.8162.