HQCA Patient and Family Advisory Committee

Established in 2010, the HQCA’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) identifies, studies, reviews, advocates and advises the HQCA on patient safety and quality issues from a citizen, patient, and family perspective. The PFAC started as a strategic initiative through the provincial Patient Safety Framework for Albertans and works to promote patient safety principles, concepts, and actions in all aspects of Alberta’s publicly-funded healthcare system.

You can view a detailed role description for our Patient and Family Safety Advisory Committee members here.

Current members:

  • Alta Magee, Bow Island
  • B Adair, Hardisty
  • D’Arcy Duquette, Calgary
  • Geralyn L’Heureux, Magrath
  • Greg Powell, Millarville
  • Leona Ferguson, Brooks
  • Leonard Auger, Grande Prairie
  • Leslie Ayre-Jaschke, Peace River
  • Michelle Hill, Medicine Hat
  • Nemia Valencia Gomez, Medicine Hat
  • Sue Peters, St. Albert

Read our current members biographies here